Ingredient Manufacture

Our Ingredient Manufacture products provide a great range of essential cooked meats used in the base of many popular dishes.

From Chicken Tikka for a delicious curry to Chilli Con Carne for a warm and hearty jacket potato filling, we offer a variety of products to cater for a range of customer needs.

Cooked Diced Bacon, Pancetta Bacon and Diced Chorizo make great pizza toppings, salad additions or even pasta dishes when accompanied with other ingredients.

We are also catering Bacon suppliers including, Diced Bacon and Cooked Bacon; as well as, Pulled Pork suppliers, we have something for all food service providers, hospitality venues and catering facilities, no matter your customers palettes.

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Chicken Tikka (12mm and 20mm)

Chilli Con Carne (1kg)

Cooked Back Bacon

Cooked Back Bacon

Diced Bacon (6mm and 12mm)

Diced Chorizo

Diced Chorizo (6mm and 12mm)

Pancetta (6mm and 12mm)

Pulled Pork

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Jess Fine Foods produces a diverse array of cooked meat items designed to cater to the demands of both the food service and fast-food sectors. Our offerings include ready-to-serve options as well as ingredients for use in prepared meals, pizzas, pies, and sandwich fillings. These products are available in various formats, whether frozen or chilled, and can be packaged in vacuum-sealed or controlled atmosphere containers.

While we maintain a standard product range, our customers are our top priority, and we’re always prepared to deliver tailored solutions if needed.

Ingredient Manufacture

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