Pizza Toppings

Our wide range of pre-cooked pizza toppings are manufactured using the finest quality raw materials sourced from EC approved suppliers. Ready for instant use, our highly versatile toppings are packed in various styles and weights and can be diced, sliced or shredded to our individual customer requirements and can be supplied chilled or frozen. We also have a state of the art IQF (individually quick freezing) facility allowing us to supply free-flowing frozen product for ease of use.

100% Injected Silverside Steak Strips

Diced 80% Ham

Diced Chicken(6mm or sliced breast)

Diced Chorizo

Hot and Spicy Pepperoni Coins

Smoky Sausage (6mm Diced)

Smoky Sausage Coins

Spicy Beef (6mm Diced)

Spicy Pork (6mm Diced)

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Jess Fine Foods manufactures a varied range of cooked meat products to meet the needs of the catering and fast food industries. Some products are ready to serve, others become ingredients for ready meals, pizzas, pie and sandwich fillings: they can be supplied frozen or chilled, in vacuum or controlled atmosphere packs.

The company offers a standard range, but is always ready to discuss special customer requirements and to produce bespoke recipes.

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Pizza Toppings